Post Surgical Massage - clean and quick recovery
Post surgical massage 

is an advanced modality, combining Manual Lymph Drainage, ScarTissue Massage, and Reiki. This advanced therapy helps to eliminate swelling, scarring, bruising and tenderness and accelerates the healing process after surgery most efficiently.   

Post surgical massage is effective for:
   - Knee Replacement
   - Hip Replacement
   - Liposuction
   - Tummy Tuck
   - Breast Reconstruction
   - Gynecomastia
   - Face Lift
   - and more.

Applying Reiki relaxes and comforts the body.  The gentle touch will energize the healing power of your own body.  You will be able to go back to your daily life pleasantly and quickly.  Post surgical massage is appropriate to start 7 ~ 10 days after the surgery.  

 "Kumi has been woking on our patients for over seven years.  She works both with cosmetic surgery patients and with breast reconstruction patients. First, she is a warm, lovely person and ALL  our patients love her. Second, she really has "healing hands". I am convinced that her treatment  after surgery speeds up healing, resolves swelling, and improves the final result.  Her work is particularly dramatic with liposuction patients. I absolutely recommend Kumi and would be happy to talk to anyone about her work."  ~ George Beraka MD, FACS, PC

Contact Kumi for any questions or for appointments.
  Phone: 917-826-9006 

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