Manual Lymphatic Drainage will help eliminate the pain and accelerate the recovery. Pre-surgical massage is also highly recommended for flushing and clearing out the wast products from the tissue, before the surgery.      

Reiki (Usui method)

Reiki is an energetical healing therapy originated in Japan. Each human body has a natural healing power within us.  Rieki stimulates and awakens the sensibilities of our own healing power. Reiki creates happiness, relaxation, and healing.

Deep tissue, myofacia, swedish and shiatsu

Massage treatment for any pain or discomfort.  Neck/shoulder pain, lower back pain, digestive trouble, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, stress,  and more. Manual therapy brings the balance of homeostasis and gives strength to continue your challenging everyday life.  It will make you feel like a new born baby!


Therapeutic Massage   ​$150/h

breast augmentation

Scare tissues massage helps the unevenness of the breasts such as a capsular contracture. The asymmetry of breasts often could be fixed manually. Often the cause of unevenness is found from the blockages in the lymph passages and/or muscle contractures. Come try before going through the second surgery.  

Energy Body Work        $120/h

Lipo suction, tummy tuck & Gynecomastia

The treatment is focused on eliminating the bruising, swelling, soreness, and scarring from the surgery.  The healing process will take about 6 weeks. Each week the body will change and appropriate treatments will be applied as the body changes. Self-care will be guided with abdominal breathing, dry brushing, self-massage and magical tools to manifest the beauty you want.   

The Black Pearl and Brazilian toe therapy

This is an interesting therapy, a mixture of many different medicines practically combined together. Western, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian, such as using acupuncture points, balancing chakras and auras, stimulation on neurovascular points together with a specific energy work very similar to Reiki, all combined beautifully together choreographed into one session. 

In ancient times, the hypothalamus was called the Black Pearl. The therapy is focused on the hypothalamus located behind your nose, in the cerebral cortex in your brain. An hypothalamus is a tiny organ which is the master center for controlling hormones and regulates temperature, time, thirst, hunger, sleep, sex drive, mood, body weight, and blood pressure, etc. It regulates the homeostasis and the metabolic system. http://www.healthline.com/human-body-maps/hypothalamus.

As we get older and more stressed, hypothalamus gets worn out. This modality rejuvenates and resets the function, and interestingly, it directs the body to stop the old habitual routine that is no longer serving.  The brain detects what is working and not working and eliminates unnecessary elements and brings new good energy routines to join. It gives you some kind of confidence with refreshing energy. 

The Brazilian Toe Technique is subtle, powerful and deeply relaxing. Our toes are located at the end and the lowest part of the bodies and have many important functions including acupuncture points. Conditioning the toes can strengthen many functions back in full health and eliminate different kinds of pain. It can help minimize the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

The session is done with clothes on in silence. 

Post Surgical Massage    $150/h    Package: $750/6h

breast reconstruction

It is the best to start the massage before the reconstructive surgery.  The massage will provide the appropriate energy strength and eliminate any scaring and blockages from the previous surgery which makes the finally result smooth and recover easeir. 

Post Surgical Massage​ at Home

any Surgeries and injuries

The treatment is applied by accessing the circulations of the body in different divisions and by eliminating any blockages. Circulations of the body are, cardiovascular system, nervous system, meridians, and emotional states. The total health of the body will be built by clearing out any blockages and bring the new circulations back to the body that you already have within you.